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www.poz.org.hk is a small encyclopedia for HIV-infected people, which is about the AIDS-related experience of a group of infected people, hoping to provide other HIV-infected patients with the correct AIDS knowledge, treatment information, emotions Treatment, experience of people living with HIV, up-to-date HIV / AIDS news and support from fellow travelers.

Being infected with the HIV virus is a challenge, but not as if it was declared dead. With the advent of "cocktail therapy" and the life expectancy of PLHIV being the same as that of the average person, we also have the same business, family and love as the average person.

However, advances in medicine have not greatly improved the social and AIDS attitude. Since the first AIDS case was found in Hong Kong since 1984, the general public lacks different levels of misunderstanding and labeling of people living with HIV / AIDS and HIV infection, and the infected people are also members of the general public. However, it often takes a lot of effort after infection To accept yourself. Misunderstandings and labeling have made most infected people hide themselves for their own protection from the negative effects that they may have after they have been exposed and the pressure of AIDS alone. These infected people are not supported. The infected community is weakly connected and difficult to coalesce to express the difficulties and needs we face.

Whether we choose to live alone or find fellow travelers face the challenge of AIDS for your life, and hope that this site can provide you with the right information and instant support, hope every visit www.poz.org.hk website infection Or relatives and partners of infected persons can understand AIDS with a correct and positive attitude and assist them in solving the problems and difficulties they encounter in their daily lives so as to minimize the impact of AIDS on our lives. This website is also a bridge linking people living with HIV / AIDS and an effective external voice channel to safeguard the rights and equal treatment of PLHIV.

"The world has not changed because of our infection, we can still pursue our own dreams."

AIDS Concern and a group of PLHIV


AIDS Concern was established in 1990 as the first non-government charity organisation committed to the service of AIDS care in Hong Kong. The founders were a group of volunteers from different backgrounds dedicated to improving the living standards for people living with HIV/AIDS; and to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

We strongly believe that the key to effectively stop the spread of HIV/AIDS is establishing close communication with communities most vulnerable to transmission and exposure.

According to our experience, one of the biggest challenges to our mission is the social stigma and discrimination that people living with HIV/AIDS face, which directly affects their quality of life. Hence, we invest our resources into providing public health education and awareness programmes to create a more supportive society by eliminating misunderstandings about HIV/AIDS.

We can give a helping hand to people most in need if we have an open society which supports early testing and treatment.

ZERO new HIV infections starting from AIDS Concern!

Our mission

  • Deliver HIV education and prevention targeting people at highest risk
  • Provide support for people living with HIV in Hong Kong
  • Build partnerships and capacity for an effective HIV response
  • Create public advocacy on HIV

Our Vision

  • To see Hong Kong with ZERO new HIV infections, ZERO stigma for people living with HIV and ZERO AIDS deaths. TRIPLE ZERO.


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