Peer Support

The face of infection with AIDS virus, the inevitable will be depressed, if you get around friends and family support, the infected person is the best. However, the community still exists on the AIDS misunderstanding, many infected people will choose to face alone, because the fear of looking for someone to talk to bring more trouble for themselves. No doubt to find someone to talk about the mind is to ease the mood, help those who are infected with physical and mental health, but who can they trust?

Over the years, there has been a weak link between the infected people in Hong Kong. Most of the infected people have difficulties in facing themselves without support. Years of experience, infected people who know other infected friends, support each other, talk to the hearts of anxiety and share personal experience, can help build a positive attitude to face the future. In view of this, we set up facebook page and hotline line:

Facebook page (感染日常)

  • We will continue to collect your views on AIDS services so that we can better understand the difficulties and needs of the community. We will express our views on behalf of the infected people and express their views on the community.
  • Regularly publish AIDS-related knowledge and the latest information, let us face and actively face and discuss AIDS and related issues.
  • To learn more or join us, please contact AIDS Concern Support Group

Telephone:2394 6677
LINE : @acsupport
Whatsapp: 5688 0419
Participants must be infected and whose identity is strictly confidential



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