Integrated Treatment Centre

The Kowloon Bay Integrated Treatment Centre (KBITC) was opened in 1999. It is a multi-purpose building developed on the concept of integrated prevention and care of HIV patient. The Integrated Treatment Centre is the main premises for clinical care of ambulatory HIV-infected patients in the Department of Health. Apart from HIV clinical service, it also provides the integrated services of dermatology-venereology, therapeutic prevention clinic, day ward, hepatitis vaccination, counselling service and medical social service. The aim of KBITC is to provide quality clinical care together with effective primary prevention to HIV patients in an integrated manner.

Referral Procedure

HIV status of a client should be confirmed before referral to ITC. Clinic attendance is by appointment only. Either referring doctor or the patient himself may call ITC at 2117 0896 for an appointment.

ITC provides care to HIV/AIDS patients through its designated HIV clinical services

Princess Margaret Hospital

Princess Margaret Hospital is founded in 1975. From 2002 onwards, the hospital provides comprehensive HIV services, including in-patient and out-patient services. The hospital has intensive cooperation with the Integrated Treatment Centre and provide in-patient care for patients. In 2009, the Special Medical Clinic has been established to provide Out-patient Clinic Services. Referrals from private practitioners and hospitals, Non-government organizations and hospitals in Kowloon West & New Territories West clusters are accepted.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide comprehensive services including medical inpatient/ outpatient treatment, specialist nursing, advice, support, education and information for the patient and people living with HIV;
  • To provide HIV & clinical infectious diseases training for trainees in Infectious Diseases & Microbiology; and
  • To promote clinical research in HIV medicine

Scope of Services:

  • The inpatient service is located in Block S, providing medical services.
  • Specialist clinic: Every Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon

Address: 2-10 Princess Margaret Hospital Road, Princess Margaret Hospital Block K, 4/F Specialist Clinic

Contact no.:6461 0613

Queen Elizabeth Hospital 

Comprehensive scope of in-patient , day-patient and out-patient services.

Clinical care by multi-specialty team comprising specialists in infectious diseases, neurology, respiratory medicine, gastroenterology and hepatology, pediatry, haematology and oncology, with special interest in HIV medincine.

Clinical, immunological and virological monitoring prior to and after initiation of HAART.

Counselling and patient support services, including psychosocial care, drug adherence, secondary prevention, nutritional intervention, physical and vocational rehabilitation. Community care in collaboration with NGOs.

Counselling and support services to partners and family members.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital((HIV Clinical Service)

Contact No.:2958 5855

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