Referring to the Disability Discrimination Ordinance ("DDO"), PLHIV are equally protected as other persons with a disability. The DDO protects any person with the above disabilities against discrimination, harassment or vilification in the areas of:

  • employment (including partnerships, trade union memberships, vocational training, etc.);
  • education;
  • access to premises (property that can be accessed by the public);
  • disposal and management of premises (including private property);
  • provision of goods, services and facilities;
  • clubs and sporting activities;
  • Government activities;
  • practising as barristers (any offer of pupillage and training provided to barristers).

This protection also extends to the an associate includes a spouse, another person living with a PLHIV, a relative, a care taker, or a business/sporting/recreational partner.

Equal Opportunities Commission

If you suspect discrimination, harassment or vilification, you are welcome to contact us and we will provide you with information on the discrimination protection ordinance and help you analyze and provide you referral service for cases of suspected discrimination.


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