AIDS Concern has been committed in all aspects, especially in the medical field, to fight for common rights and interests of people living with HIV.


Since joining the Patients’ Alliance for Healthcare Reform Conference in 2010, the government is concerned about the AIDS-related problems faced by people living with HIV in public hospitals in terms of inpatient treatment services and health care workers' attitudes.

Inpatient services and AIDS treatment specialist are not properly linked

In 2011, AIDS Concern has reported to the Hospital Authority (HA) the lack of proper linkages between inpatient services and AIDS treatment specialist. At present, AIDS treatment services are provided by the Kowloon Bay Integrated Treatment Center of the Department of Health and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital of the Hospital Authority. However, some admitted patients admitted that they did not know that they were infected with the AIDS virus In hospitals with AIDS specialties, therefore, they were denied access to anti-HIV medication during their hospital stay. Infected because there is no drug to enhance immunity, hospital waiting to be re-admitted to hospital during the specialist follow-up. After the reporting and verification carried out by AIDS Concern, the HA said that people living with HIV can now get anti-HIV drugs from every hospital.

Health care workers do not understand AIDS and have discrimination / labeling of those infected

Currently most people living with HIV in Hong Kong use government-funded AIDS treatment services for many years and their services have been affirmed for many years. However, some PLHIV members face HIV / AIDS misconceptions and discrimination when using non-AIDS specialist public health services. Although we have received fewer complaints, the experience we have gained from working with health care workers and the experiences of those infected reflect the need for more training for health care workers and front-line support staff to provide equal and friendly medical services. AIDS Concern continued to report the situation to the HA in 2011 and strive to provide training to health care workers and front-line support staff so as to increase staff awareness of HIV / AIDS and HIV infection and communication skills of PLWHA. We will continue to follow up. If you have been subjected to unreasonable / unpleasant feelings, please contact us to voice the community.

Apart from medical services, we also look for PLHIV encountering unreasonable treatment in other areas such as employment and social services and assist in mediation / complaint so as to improve the problem. If you encounter a similar problem, please contact us immediately and we will help you analyze the situation and discuss the countermeasure with you.

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