Protection towards PLHIV offered by a general insurance contract
The majority of Hong Kong insurance contracts clearly state that, treatment or tests that relate to AIDS or HIV are excluded from their coverage, which includes HIV treatment or any AIDS Related Complex (ARC), etc. In other words, the treatment associated with HIV would not be covered.

Situation 1:

I do not have an insurance contract at the moment.

In Hong Kong, since insurance companies do not accept applications from People Living with HIV (PLHIV) , HIV+ people cannot purchase life insurance, critical illness protection, medical insurance and hospital insurance as they require the declaration of their health condition. HIV+ people can only purchase insurance contracts which do not require the applicants to declare their health condition, such as saving insurance.
Because the life expectancy of HIV+ people who have good drug adherence and people without HIV is similar, medical care is equally important to HIV+. We recommend HIV+ to prepare their medical care instead of relying on life insurance/critical illness protection/medical insurance/hospital insurance in case of emergency.

Situation 2:

I have life insurance/critical illness protection/medical

insurance/hospital insurance on hand at the moment. The insurance company should cover the eligible expenses which does not result from or relate to HIV infection according to the contract, if the HIV infection is diagnosed before the policy issue date and policy effective date.

Feel free to contact POZ Life when you have any concerns.