「 Can I have sex with other people ?」
According to the recent publication, with undetectable viral load, the risk of transmission of HIV through sexual intercourse is negligible to non-existent. Over 90% of PLHIV can achieve an undetectable viral load after 3-6 months of HAART medication. This is called “ undetectable = untransmittable”. The chance of infecting your partner through sexual intercourse is negligible to non-existent if you continue to have good drug compliance and maintain an undetectable viral load. You can further protect yourselves using condoms and PrEP.

「There is a lot of HIV stigma, will I be able to find a partner ?」
It is true for some PLHIV that they may need to consider a lot of things before finding a partner e.g. how is his/her feeling towards PLHIV, will he/she have any prejudice etc. However, there are lots of people who are willing to understand and accept PLHIV, and we have come across plenty of real-life examples too.

「 I feel I do not deserve to have a partner, I have no right to start a new relationship.…」
It is absolutely not your fault to get infected, anyone who engages in unsafe sex will have the risk of getting HIV. Being HIV+ does not determine if someone deserves love, all human beings have the right to love and be loved, including you.

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